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Real Woman Awards - Mumbai Women's Day 2021

Updated: Jun 9, 2022

Recognising contribution of Women Entrepreneurs of Construction Industry of Mumbai.

In Male-centric Construction industry, there are many Power Women working their way up and making a mark for themselves in this segment.They are seldom considered seriously and recognised. We bring `The Real Woman Awards' for the dynamic women!

26 seasoned and established Women Entrepreneurs of Mumbai's Construction Industry were recognized and awarded on Women's Day 2021

The event was sponsored by Panasonic India - a leading name in the construction Industry, RR Kabel, Industry leaders in electric cables and many more sponsors.

Creating a Buzz

The event was attended by who's who of Mumbai's construction Industry, leading actress Mahekk Chahal graced the occasion and awarded the finalist of The Real Woman Awards.

Event was held at a prestigious venue Taj Lands End in Bandra

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